ACKMA EcoGuide Course and Workshop 2021 - Wellington, New South Wales

The EcoGuide Certified Guide Training Course will be held on Wednesday 20th and Thursday 21st October.

An ACKMA Online workshop will be held on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th October. Both meetings will be centered at Wellington in New South Wales. Both of these events will be held via a Zoom meeting.

ACKMA Workshop:

Our Keynote Speaker will be Anthony Sharwood author of 'From Snow to Ash'. We also will launch the 2nd edition of 'Caves' by Prof. David Gillieson.

EcoGuide Certified Guide Training Course:

Our good friends at Savannah Guides are also briefed and awaiting registrations for our guide school, the Eco Guide accreditation.

You have work to do prior to the event so I need your registration as soon as is practicable so you can receive your workbook and other essential requirements.


The latest registration form is available for download here, for those of you who have not yet completed one.

You simply click into the sections, save it and attach it in an email to

Please attend to that promptly to enable our planning.


Please note and share to potential new members

Click here to download a Poster that you can display to let everyone know about the EcoGuide Course and ACKMA Workshop.

Details of the Zoom meeting(s) will be provided directly to those who wish to attend

Come back and visit again soon for more updates!!